The Food Forest Dream


We are dreaming, and what sweet dreams they are!

And also spicy, savory, and delicious...

That's because we are dreaming of a new gardening discovery center and community garden right here in Prescott, Arizona where anyone can go to learn about growing food and raising plants, take classes, explore gardening techniques, learn to cook their newly grown veggies, walk the garden sensory path through the food forest, and enjoy a day in the dirt!

We want to create a beautiful space where people can come together not only to participate in creating, maintaining and harvesting from the community garden, but also enjoy time with their neighbors and families as we learn to grow together!

food forest artist map.png

The layout design of our dreams


We are striving to create a growing discovery center that will feature alternate growing methods such as container gardening, patio gardening, hydroponics, vertical farming, raised beds, and more in an effort to educate our community on all of the different ways they can grow in their own back yards.



Especially in our high desert area with little rain, scorching sunshine and thin atmosphere. But with the right instruction, classes, and experience, you can learn how to tackle the elements and create your own productive and flourishing garden year after year!

As we grow we also dream of creating a beautiful outdoor venue with edible landscaping, seasonal herbs and pollinator friendly flowers, as well as an amphitheater to hold special events, host field trips and hold classes in our beautiful Prescott location.