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A Dream Come True


The Prescott Food Forest now has a home... in Chino Valley! We are so excited to be hosted by B Organic Farm! This amazing little farm is the home of two huge greenhouses and acres of growing space! We are going to help get their first greenhouse into peak production, reestablish the second greenhouse, and tend to much needed garden beds to help provide food to our community and our volunteers!

We are very thankful to be a part of such a great growing community. We have already had many volunteers helping to get the greenhouse and much of the acreage into production! Now we are ready to get growing and providing food to our neighbors in need!

We are striving to create a growing discovery center that will feature alternate growing methods such as container gardening, patio gardening, hydroponics, vertical farming, raised beds, and more in an effort to educate our community on all of the different ways they can grow in their own back yards, all while providing thousands of pounds of food to our local food banks and our volunteers!



Especially in our high desert area with little rain, scorching sunshine and thin atmosphere. But with the right instruction, classes, and experience, you can learn how to tackle the elements and create your own productive and flourishing garden year after year!


We will be offering year-round classes and lots of volunteer opportunities!

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