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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate our community members in growing their own food for self sustainability, access to healthy produce, encourage exercising, and to inspire healthy eating as they learn and grow within our community garden space. The community garden space that provides our classroom will also provide food for those in need as our students and volunteers will take part in growing for the community, and the produce that we grow will be donated to local food banks and kitchens for those who need it the most.


It is our mission to educate, engage and inspire people to learn the benefits and joy of growing food. To build community and fellowship with a focus on all types of gardening, showcasing culinary excellence for healthy eating and sharing the importance of nutrition and wellness.

We want all of our community members to have an amazing place where they can explore the joy of gardening, volunteer to grow for the community, take classes on growing, bring their children and grandchildren to learn, and to find fellowship among their neighbors!

In essence, it’s a place where people can grow together!

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