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Vegetable Garden


Located at B Organic Farm
Chino Valley, AZ

Volunteer hours:
Wednesday mornings 9am to Noon
Saturdays 9:30 to 1:00

Drop in or email ahead!

Upcoming Events


June through July

Summer Gardening Series

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Aug. through Sept.

Fall Gardening Series

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Spring 2024

Homesteading Conference

Welcome to the Prescott Food Forest,

 a gardening discovery center and community garden project!

We are a collection of local gardening enthusiasts and educators and we want to teach YOU how to grow your own garden!

So many people want to learn to grow their own gardens, but where do you start? What materials do you need? How do you start seeds? What do you do with them when they grow? How do you keep them alive? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

To answer these questions and so many, many more, we put together some great gardening classes that cover all of the basics! From seeds to harvest, you can learn about growing your own garden while also helping us to grow the B Organic Farm's community garden to benefit the homeless and needy in your own community!


While doing your hands-on learning, you will be participating in helping us recover greenhouses, plant seeds and transfer seedlings, renew old soils and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables!

Our mission is to educate and empower community members to be able to have their own thriving backyard gardens for health and stability. We also focus on the wellness of fresh, organic food and the amazing nutrition that you receive from it! In today's world, so much of our food is highly processed and devoid of nutrition. Countless illness arise from poor diet and the need to eat fresh produce is higher than it has ever been!

Come learn to grow, care for, harvest and cook your own

fresh backyard produce with us!

Come on everyone! Let's get growing!

Stephane Leon

Prescott Food Forest Director

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We have made our new home on the site of B Organic Farm in Chino Valley! Join us as a volunteer or as a student to learn how to grow your own garden,  help us recover the greenhouses and grow food for the community!

To stay up-to-date about volunteer opportunities, please join our email list!

John Murphy and Ken Lain

As a 501(c)(3) organization, you can allocate your tax dollars to our cause! Your donations will count dollar-for-dollar and can be used to offset your Arizona State taxes!

Your contributions will help us reach our goals and implement the new gardening facility, repair greenhouses, install vertical gardening, provide learning opportunities and classes, and help us in continuing our efforts to establish a place where we can learn to grow together!


Support the people in your community and designate your tax dollars to the Prescott Food Forest!

“Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food”

- Hippocrates

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