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Speaker/Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the conference!

Quick Facts:
- The booth fee for this event is $50
- You will receive a 10x10 booth space, please bring your own equipment
- Canopy tents are welcome
- Electricity is not available
- This is an outdoor venue on a brick patio
- You must have your tax ID and business licensing
- Your product must be homestead themed (homemade, home grown,
  local, etc.) such as goat milk soap, homespun yarn, home grown meat/
  eggs, self tanned leather items, home baked goods, etc.
- Local businesses (within Quad-City area) will be preferred
- Only 11 spaces available on the patio
- Add a coupon/item/business card to the SWAG bags for free, you must
  provide the item/coupon/info. Please have 500 ready.
- You must apply below (it's free!)
**Speakers/demonstrators may be eligible for a free booth**

This conference is about learning and being inspired to become more self sufficient, build a homestead, start a garden, own chickens, and more! So if your product or service helps on the homestead then you are welcome to join us!

What kind of spot are you interested in?

Please note that this conference is for educational and homesteading purposes. We will not accept applicants whose goals are to spread political agendas, conspiracies or misinformation. We want to keep to that facts, to what we know to be true through hard work on the farm, and to happy homesteaders!

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