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Artist Interest Form

Welcome artists! Thank you for your interest in our organization and your willingness to give some of your time to a great cause!

We will be holding our first annual wet paint event this fall, likely in September, and we are excited to showcase your talent! Guests will be delighted to see you working on your artwork live while they attend our fundraiser. You will get to mingle and network with clientele as they inquire about your art and inspiration.

Remember to bring your business cards!

All of the specifics for this event are currently being planned, but we intend to run the event from 4pm to 9pm, with dinner service in between. You, the artist, would arrive early to begin your painting. Or, if you feel driven, you may begin the artwork at home and then finish it during the event.

The theme is "Life in the Desert" since our organization is educating people to grow their own gardens in this harsh, dry climate. Any interpretation of the theme is acceptable, your art does not need to reflect vegetables!

To participate, you will need to bring your own paints, brushes and easel or table to work on. If you have preferred canvases then you are welcome to bring one. Otherwise we will provide one for you. The canvases we provide will be large and their sizes/shapes may vary! Upon completion, your artwork will be sold to the highest bidder to raise money for our community garden efforts.

If you are still interested in participating then let us know below! As the event nears we will send you updates and choose ten artists from our applicants.

Your information will be shared prior to the event to generate interest and direct people to your websites/social media. To participate you will need to sign an agreement to allow the Prescott Food Forest to share your photo during advertisement campaigns and sign a release of liability and a photo release document.

Still here? Great! Sign up below to apply!

Artist Application

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